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Version française

Plastic / mosaicist.

I was born in Spring 1972 in Essonne. I was brought up in a family of craftsmen, creators and raised in an Italian culture. Very young, I observed the gestures, the materials, the tools …that is how I experiment and create since my young age. Very quickly attracted by material and materials (wood, stone, glass, porcelaine, slate, marble…), volume and image, I decided to enter an academy of arts (EFET in Paris) in 1995.
A year later, in 1996, I exposed my work for the first time at the Autumn Exposition of Bièvres in Essonne.
In 2007, I decided to learn to link creation and feelings, that is when I followed a formation of initiation of art therapy alongside an art therapist in Paris.
At the same time, I continued exploring my own researches and worked as a plastic / mosaicist and ceramist artist.
In 2007, I validated a formation of mosaicist which enabled me to find my passion for art, the mosaic and the sculpture.
Since 2016, I have the great pleasure of being among the elite of Les Ateliers d’Art de France.

 Artiste plastic and self-taught,

« I work in my studio-gallery in Guérande. My artistic researches make me wonder and focus on nature, the living world and how it behaves. Wood, marble, slate, glass, porcelain, semi-precious stones and gold leaves are materials that I like to explore. I transform them by hands and use them to give life to unique pieces. Each of them evokes the come back to a natural and mineral essence that has been existing forever. »

Colors, movements, volumes and rhythms provided to those assemblages give birth to plays of light and shadow, that come together to express and reveal a story that is universal and intimate at the same time. The collections of sculptures and architectural frameworks are marked by a diversity of fragmentations, classified in the area of contemporary mosaic and sculpture, and Art Nouveau. The artworks demonstrate a singular artistic work that combines different techniques and influences, creating original and innovative pieces that will sublimate your interior… Among the collections of sculptures, the « Sphères fleurs » live very well inside or outside. The « Fleurs lumineuses », are lamps and wall lights designed to illuminate and embellish your space. The « Arbres totem » evoke nature and offer an impressive and symbolic presence that brings vegetal in the interior space. The decorative wall branches « Bijoux d’espace » add a lively aesthetic dimension, dynamic, in your daily life. Finally, the frameworks are architectural panels that combine sculpture and painting to create unique and captivating artworks.

« They capture the essence of our relation to the environment, the turmoils humanity has to face concerning nature. Inviting simultaneously to reflexion, contemplation, reverie coated with living poetry and possibility… Welcome into my thoughts.. »

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